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Divine Love - Isis & Yeshua

Special Guests: John McCurdy & Romana Ercegovic

**Due to technical issues during the live show, we have also completed a transcript of the broadcast. Please click below if you wish to read the article for clarity.**

Divine Love

The love, this inner sun that radiates from the center of our heart, our being is the new reality. This sun that radiates throughout the inner worlds of self is the most surprising benefit of the Divine Love. And our inner world is full of surprises with its many nuances and the exquisiteness of the new feelings and perceptions. Our inner world, its subtle changes, like wisps of wind which are in a continual movement, growth and expansion.

This radiance is now always present, sometimes radiating out in big waves and other times so subtle that it could almost be unnoticeable. But our newfound acute awareness of the inner senses is more than able to perceive even the tiniest of movements and the biggest of passions that come forth with a force of vulcanoe.

We are coming to understand the Divine Love in such different ways to what the mind used to imagine. The mind thought that wanting to be somebody else was the way to happiness, that this perpetual rejection of self and the resulting continual striving to improve the self would lead there.

To our surprise, we found that the keys are the embracement and acceptance of all our human frailties and conditions. They are the real game changers. And the ownership of self must be lived and experienced first hand, allowing the inner sun of self love to become the new reality and experience within every day life. Who would have thought that the real strengths were vulnerability and openness and that they would require such fierce courage, resolve and fortitude for those who choose to live them and to embrace them in this world which used to feel so unsafe...and still feels unsafe where the Divine Love is not allowed. The Divine Love is fearlessness itself.

It has been a joy to work with John McCurdy and Romana Ercegovic in this way and I invite you to visit the Sacred Stage of John and Romana website for more information about their work:

The Sacred Stage

Special Guest on Conversations With Michael - Sept 2018

Hosted by Robert Theiss

Sharing of a unique relationship with our soul, our Eternal Self.

Robert Theiss is an internationally recognized artist, spiritual mentor, and the author of Living Inside your Passion, Straddling your Freedom and Awakening to your God Self. Robert openly shares a conscious relationship he has developed with his eternal self called Michael. His ability to function as a mentor, guide, and teacher has made him a highly valued resource to clients worldwide.

The Teachings Of Michael

Around the Table With the Modern Magi - Aug 2018

Co-hosting with Muriel Shickman

What happens when the modern Magi throw a party? Who is invited? Who shows up? Conversations and musings with and about the current events, New Energy, embodiement and much much more.

Special Guest on NeuSpace - March 2018

Hosted by Muriel Shickman

Sharing the New Energies. A beautiful show with so much enjoyment in working together.

Muriel is a shaman, author, a musician who integrates Quantum Intuitive Healing with Sound Healing and Shamanic/Holistic Medicine Practitioning. For over twenty five years she has been composing, recording, and performing various genres of music such as, Classical, Progressive Rock, and Folk Music. She also attended college during those years and graduated with an Associates Degree of Arts in Liberal Arts and Sciences and an Associates Degree of Science in Natural Resource Technology. After releasing her sixth CD ("The Farther Shore") in 2010, Muriel expanded further into the ancient healing arts of Shamanism, Energy Medicine, and Sound Healing.

She has spent time working with indigenous cultures from North and South America, South Africa, and Europe. She has also studied core Shamanism rooted in the Foundation of Shamanic Studies at the Sacred Hoop Ministry and has worked closely with the Tierra Sagrada Sacred Earth Foundation in Florissant, Colorado. Muriel specializes in several different healing modalities including spiritually healing bodywork, long distance healing, spiritual guidance, and paleopsychology (Dream-work Coaching). Her first book was released in January of 2018, "Dreamweaver, A Step Into Forgotten Realms", which is based on her personal experiences of shamanic initiation, dreams, and the imagination.

NeuSpace Website

Blueprints of the New - Oct 2017

Special Guest Romana Ercegovic

Romana is an explorer and creator of new ways of conscious soulful theater art - Ph.D. in dramaturgy, a playwright, theatre director, actress, facilitator of transformative creative retreats, poet, author of childrens literature, puppet performances, mother...

Romana chose an independent artistic path and follows her vision of theatre, which awakens the perception of beauty, magic, pure joy of life, honours the balance of the feminine and the masculine, as well as the connection to Nature.

After many years (and lifetimes) of believing that life is very serious and human reality is very sad, she finally allows herself to be be passionately and freely alive, to live in Beauty, to laugh abundantly, to create and cocreate new dimensions of colourfulness and the safe sacred places for the subtle presence of Soul.

Romana has devoted her artistic, scientific and spiritual work to re-awakening, understanding and re-dignifying the wisdom and art of the Divine Feminine. As a playwright and director of her theater performances, she re-evaluates the role of ancient feminine myths and as a performer she embodies different qualities and archetypes from various cultures (such as Mary Magdalene, White BuffaloWoman, Persephone, Demetra, Hecate etc).

She has traveled to many temples around the world and is deeply connected to the mysteries of the sacred feminine. Both in her research and workshops she uses an intuitive and multidimensional approach.

Information about her work, performances and workshops is on her website:

The Sacred Theater of Romana Ercegovic

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