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What would you like to say today, I asked my Eternal Self, my Soul....

"We would speak of beauty and glorious things, we would speak of moments surrenderded to life. Where time has ceased its grip. The play of scents so strong, enticing and mesmerising. The skin alive to the touch of the wind responding with pulses of pure enjoyment.

The thought of tomorrow not intruding, nor the past streching its fingers to insert its stories repeated a thousand and one times.

The sounds in this moment. So pure, so eternal, so loud and whispering all at once. Every touch of the Earth on the soles of feet sending impulses of joy with every step, with every fibre of our being.

This is our song of today."

--- Mikaela

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So...What's up with the world?

The increasing presence of consciousness in our reality is creating a very personal inner revolution within many people. More and more are awakening and are starting to question the very basis of their own lives, their core paradigms. They know there is more to life than what they were taught and so are in various stages of re-connecting to their own inner source. This source becomes a real presence in ones life and not only wishful thinking. The presence is known by many names including Higher Self, Soul, Eternal Self.

The awakening and realisation journey includes complete redefinition of priorities, letting go of the old and writing new scripts that include consciousness, heart and awareness in daily life. The shallow external wrappings get replaced with integrity and essence. Everything comes up for reassessment including the relationship with self, other people, community and the environment. And it is time because the old ways of living do not have a future, at least not a future that would be enjoyable.

It would be easy to withdraw into fear when faced with the rapidly changing realities that no longer support the old ways. The Earth herself is going through a change to accommodate the presence of consciousness which does not include victimhood and fear. Each Human being is creating their own reality which may not always be compatible with yours. The old way to engage in battles to try to change the other. But there is another way.

The new way is the path of inner awareness, a willingness to change and the integration of the shadow self. Taking responsibility for our own life, rather than experiencing self as a victim of outer circumstances, allows our freedom and sovereignty to become real. Our creations start relying on our inner resource, the Soul, rather than the energy stealing and the definitons that were laid down to us by others.

With the presence of the Soul, our Eternal Self, we can create our inner world that is filled with safe spaces, nurturance, acceptance, wonder and unconditional self love. The reality of these attributes of our inner worlds then impact the outer physical reality which then beautifully and accurately reflects them right back at us.

Our joy and love for life spill out onto all the creation. This is the creation of reality at its best.

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